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About Mountain Master

Trained and Educated Guides

Our guides aren't locals who know one or two things about the natural wonders of the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Zapata Falls. They're individuals who undergo education each year to ensure each person has an unforgettable experience. 

Our guides have the experience and training to safely navigate you over any obstacles nature has to offer. After all, when we aren't touring you we are exploring trails throughout the region in our off-road vehicles. 

This is a passion. Not a hobby. And we want each of our visitors to feel that passion in each and every tour we do.  

Natural Wonders

How can we do the same tours every day? Because the places we share with our visitors never cease to leave us in awe. With 30 square miles of sand dunes, seasonal water flow, rare bird nesting places and so much more; you can't experience such diverse terrain and elements anywhere else in the world.

You just have to come find out. 

Fun For Everyone

Bring the whole family. We've got you covered. Young and old alike can appreciate and enjoy this experience. There is scenery to take in and things to learn for those with an inquisitive mind. Others may simply enjoy clawing through sand, splashing through creeks, and rumbling over rocks in an off road machine. No matter your preference, we make sure you have fun. 

Shots From The Trail

  • Authorized and Permitted Touring Company by the National Park Service,     Bureau of Land Management, and Colorado State Land Board.

  • Leave No Trace, CPR & First Aid Certified Guides

  • Only Commercial Authorized Company operating at Zapata Falls

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